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Jane Doe

My Order

I was a little worried about my order. My order still says processing but I’ve received it today. Customer support is fantastic, they reassured me everything was alright, as it is. Great prices, great service. I think I’ve just found a new favorite site! Thanks

John Smith

Marketing Director

Smoking Pot Home has excellent customer service I am a special needs kid and I have trouble reading, Smoking Pot Home has help me learn how to place an order.  Smoking Pot Home has the best customer service that I have seen in a long time great job can’t wait to try the green crack and the nuke AAA×

Kimberley Rego


Ordered the Duke Nukem AAAA+ and the 2 for $85 Distillate pens. was a problem with one of the pens but I emailed them soon as I opened the package and noticed the issue. Was impressed with the VERY quick response. They said they will correct the issue and send me a new one out right away. The flower is top Notice. The smell when I opened the bag was amazing, and the buzz was great. Was a little nervous about making my first ever online purchase. besides the little hiccup with the pen, all and all very happy with the product and customer service. will be a repeat customer for sure.

Chris Trey

Products Quality Awesome 

I’m really impressed and happy with the quality of the bud. The price was great. delivery speed was 3 days and on time. customer service was on the ball. method of payment is extremely efficient for me (BitCoin)... Everything in a hole I’m happy with. I will say I will be spending a lot of my hard-earned money with this company. Cheers !!!

Mel Lux


My first time buying online and it was awesome i bought the ounce special and they ran out and i got a free upgrade i am very happy with my purchase and will be buying again and its fast delivery.

Anthony Dlaba


I ordered an oz of White Widow and I have to say that this strain has it all. It looks fantastic and this order seemed to be perfectly cured. The taste and smell is just phenomenal not to mention the high, a nice clean head high. keeps me energized but don’t smoke too much too quick or else its to the sofa for you. I ordered on Saturday and received my order on the following wednesday. I have to say that this is truly the nicest most beautiful strain. Definitely AAAA+. Will definitely order this strain again. Cheers!

Del Buono

Meme moms

We live on an island off the coast of B.C. and were expecting our shipment to take weeks, to our surprise it arrived within a week. Product is amazing, we ordered the White Castle shatter and the weekly deal for an oz of green. Both are awesome, just placed another order. Can’t wait! Great job guys!

Kris Stephens


Have to admit was a bit skeptic when it came to ordering my bud on line, bin used to dropping in and getting my bud from the guy next door, the product is very good and the delivery is consistent , better to order Sunday Evening for best delivery times, this was my 2nd order and convinced this is the way to go, no mess no fuss, rest-assured will be keeping my account open, thanks SPH, keep up the good job

Pamela Ander


Very good group very acknowledged in the community. 🌱💎💨✔️

Joann Dobbs


2 for 1 shatter!!!!!. I’m super impressed with the quality. I’m super lit. Love this company. Cant wait to find out the next deal. 2 for 1 shatter. Epic. Thank you for suck quick delivery

John Sardella


I was a little worried about my order. My order still says processing but I’ve recieved it today. Customer support is fantastic, they reassured me everything was alright, as it is. Great prices, great service. I think I’ve just found a new favourite site! Thanks

Travis Hells


Can we yell "SMOKING POT HOME" in videos like "worldstar" people do?

Joann Dobbs

Verified Customer

great company for all needs of thc new stuff ive never heard of or seen love Smoking Pot Home highly recommend them

Jason Garmon

Verified Customer

It was good seeing you guys at the Grass Monkey facility today! I need another 3 pounds of God's Gift strain real quick please, the once i got last week is almost finished .

Chris Lynn


everything and everyone, 🤙🤙🤙💨💚
the products the people the community
literally my heroes and idols because cannabis is and always will be the greatest medicine resource etc.

Amy Rogers


Amazing stuff, read & follow this as they are doing great work and deserve a lot of credit... I got my package. thank you guys